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Day tripping around the Alsace

What Katie did... (in Lyon) The Alsace and venturing over the border to Luxembourg

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What did Katie do...?
So my lovlies since my last update I have been on a few weekend/day trips, the first of which was to Lyon which was really fun as my friend Katie came to visit from London. We had an entertaining weekend of of films, fun, the standard Lyon chocolat viennois and formule midi at Paul and a wee bit of sightseeing.
Once again it was that magnificent "trompe d'oeil" wall that just stole our attention and entertained us quite a lot more than it probably should have.


Another source of diversion was during our night out dancing when a young gentleman was trying to a girl we were with. He was trying quite hard, a little too hard I might add. After several failed attempts he then made one final stab at getting her attention, appealing to his brute force and "immense strength" causing us to rather insensitively break out into giggles and quite vocally suggest this might not be the case.

He took great offense and after a few more minutes of continuing to brag about his immense strength he agreed to prove it by doing thirty press ups in exchange for a kiss. Of course, we did not seriously think he would just get down on the cobbled floor and do thirty press-ups. And of course he didn't.

However, ladies and gentlemen, what he did do was thirty press-ups on top of two bollards, yes bollards. Feet perched on one, arms outstretched with his hands on the other one.

And what happened after this silly, if slightly impressive feat? Did he get his kiss? Or the girl?
Well, no. This is real life, not Hollywood.

We also went on a trip to Luxembourg City which that particular day had decided to adopt the Cheshire climate.
Before we went to Luxembourg however we went and stayed the night in Tati's aldea near Longwy.

I really liked Luxembourg and everyone was really friendly and amazingly trilingual. We even found coffees bigger than a thimble which made for a nice change. One of the trilingual men we met in a cafe bought all of our drinks just because we moved tables for him and the rest of his family and friends.

It was one of those film moments when Erika went to pay and we were told that the bill had lready been taken care of!
We subsequently decided that either they were really really grateful we had moved or that amongst the other numerous languages that man spoke, one was in fact Spanish and that he had heard us discussing how cute him and his little girl were. Either way, free coffee!
I did like Luxembourg in spite of the weather BUT it was a very teeny, tiny capital city.

The second day trip inspired by a rush of "pleassse can we escape Nancy" angst took us on a spontaneous Easter Monday trip to Colmar in the Alsace. It was about 2 or 3 hours away and we travelled through snow, rain and various villages which ranged from quaint to hideously ugly
However, we arrived in the dull outskirts and prepared ourselves for a very disappointing day. It didn't look promising but luckily on arriving in the centre we found a lovely, charming colourful town with an Easter market and lots of European flags (though not a Spanish one in sight bizarrely) and some nice views

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