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February 2010

Ever so slightly belated first update

Finally back to the entertainment...

all seasons in one day

So...this time round I have been pretty poor on the email front. Long gone are the days of 3000 word stories of turmoil and tripping in Mexico and instead will be replaced by short and snappy (ok, longwinded) tales in La Belle France. Intrigued? Read on...

For those of you who don't know I'm currently working as a French assistant in the University Nancy2 (which surprisingly is in Nancy). The French word is Lectrice and much to my surprise this isn't really an assistant but more like an actual teacher. Yes. Thats right. Me and my undergraduate degree in languages (not Anglophone History) are in fact designing the curriculum and teaching a Master's English History course, setting the exam and marking it. ALONE. I feel I would command more respect however if I weren't 5'2" and constantly running around the classroom, waving chalk like a mad person. Oh well. There are some things you just can't change.

Anyway as I have been extremely poor on the update front in this post I will summarise the last six (terrible I know) months through a slightly sub par photo montage.

I arrived with my Mother dearest and Father dearest.
We toured the town...
and moved me into my new flat :)

My new flat is located in this street, in this town. In summer in sparkles. In winter it drears (drear=invented verb from the adjective dreary. Add it to your dictionary.)
And yes, Santa Claus(es) did in fact come to town. On motorbikes...

Then I met some new people like Erika from Indiana and got to know Catherine from my University in the UK.
Within a few days of meeting Erika I (accidentally) tried to poison her with some translucent noodles.

My colocs (flatmates) finally moved in :)
Mi Estercita and Julieeee

Then my Brummy friends came to vist and we had a funfilled weekend in Paris

Then I went to visit Natalie in Lyon, saw Kasabian and got photo happy in front of an exciting wall
We went on some day trips


I met some more people. We ate fondu.
And drank together on numerous occasions

So there it is. The last 6 months of my life inadequately summed up in photos.
Oh yep, aside from training for the marathon that is...
May 9th. Be there or be square. Or sponsor me. Info to come. As are the aforesaid intriguing tales...i.e. whats actually going on in my life here.

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